Why Singapore Escorts Are The Best & You Need To Book Them!

As you can tell from my other articles, I strongly believe that if you want entertainment with girls in Singapore, then booking escorts in Singapore is a great adult entertainment in our city for you. If you are interested in that, check out SG VIP, a local agency which provides pretty much the best escorts Singapore has available for booking if you are also like me and love Singaporean nationality girls.

As you can tell, I like booking their escort services, mainly because they specialize in and are the best when it comes to SG escorts, which are my favourite. For instance, you can find both locals and foreigners when it comes to escorts locally, however I am only a fan of the Singaporean citizen ones. Additionally, while I have also been meeting escorts around the world whenever I travel, there is just something about a local, that an international escort does not seem to have. After trying to figure out what these factors are, I have finally come down to three key factors separating a Singapore citizen girl from the international ladies.

Firstly, they are not bimbos. One of the main issues I have with international escorts is that many of them cannot hold a deep conversation and they also seem quite foolish when it comes to international news matters. This irks me, as I do not just want a pretty lady next to me and accompanying me. I like women with some substance, and thankfully, most Singaporeans seem to have that. Living in SG seems like a complete blessing for me! This makes hiring local escorts a pleasure for me when I go to small, private business meetings in Singapore.

Secondly, they have a dress sense that is pretty classy and elegant, as long as you make a request to the agency for the lady to do so. This is in contrary to many other international models who seem to dress real trashy for some unknown reason. Perhaps most of these non-Singaporean ladies are independent freelancers, and so there is no quality control by a middle man, or rather, an agency.

Thirdly, I personally found that most of the local escort models I had met are naturally very feminine and demure. While such women of such nature and personalities do exist in the Western world, it is definitely rarer relatively to those I have found in Singapore. They are just more common. If you are into that as well in a woman, then you will love the Singaporeans that I have been talking about. If you are in our city now, you cannot afford to miss booking one!

Here is some advice on the procedure for booking from a local agency.