Find Genuine SG Escorts In Singapore – 5 Tips For 1st Timers

Singapore escorts

If you are in Singapore for business, and want to look for a real SG escort during your down time in Singapore city, then here are some great tips to help you find a genuine Singaporean escort with real pictures! Make sure to read the following tips so that you can have an excellent time in Singapore after you are done with business or you will have regrets afterwards.

First tip will be for you to try to pick an escort from a local agency. When it comes to local social escort agencies, there are only a real few ones which are reputable. One of the safest choicest you can have is SG VIP Escorts, one of Singapore’s finest escort agencies.. Regardless of which one you pick, just by picking from an escort agency, you already eliminate most of the escorts who use fake photos. In Singapore city, it is mostly freelance call girls who use fake photos, seldom agencies.

Second of all, if you are intending to follow the first tip and look for a local Singaporean escort through a social escort agency, then make sure that the business you are engaging is registered, and has some form of web presence. A legitimate one would have a business registration number, and multiple instances of other websites referring to them.

Third of all, avoid websites which are or were similar to Backpage Singapore or Backpage SG! While Backpage Singapore has since shut down ever since the USA indicted the founders, there are still somewhat similar websites like Skokka, Locanto and whatnot. Escorts are notorious for using fake imagery on those sites, so make sure to avoid freelance sites as much as possible in Singapore.Singapore escorts

Fourth of all, if you prefer freelance call girls for whatever reason, make sure to always stick to reputable ones. In Singapore, there are only a few local ones, and Risque Rebecca is one of them! So if you are thinking of engaging a local one, make sure to engage one like her. One key note is that almost every freelance and agency escort in Singapore does not work as one full time. So if you are particular about a particular lady, especially a freelance lady, then contact her in advance. Sometimes a prior deposit or verification is required. It differs slightly from girl to girl.

Last but not least, use some common sense. If a girl claims to be a local Singapore girl but shows her face photos, chances are she is a foreigner pretending to be a local – which means photos are fake. If a girl uses a super hot photo but with dirt cheap prices, reverse Google image search the image. There is a high chance it is a stolen image. Let us face it – escorts do not come cheap anywhere around the world, and definitely not for genuine Singapore escorts.

As you can tell, it is not difficult to find genuine Singapore escorts if you read and follow the above tips.