Why Busy Male Professionals In Singapore Use Dating Agencies

Many white collared male professionals in Singapore use matchmakers and dating agencies in Singapore when it comes to getting help with their dating if they want a serious long term relationship, and here are the reasons why turning to such external solutions is increasingly common in Singapore.

Firstly, it is to avoid dates with undesirable women. For instance, many middle aged men find that when they date Singaporean women in their late twenties or early thirties, these women tend to treat the dates like an interview! Or worse still, these women that these men bump into treat the romantic date like a police interrogation and dig out financial details about the men – and mind you, these are not sugar babies we are talking about! We are talking about regular dating in this post! This is a common issue that many men in Singapore face. That is why some frustrated men who want to avoid this issue altogether just turn to a Singapore matchmaking agency instead, as fully explained here – you can read this article to find out more how matchmakers can help these Singaporean men avoid ‘interview’ style dates by certain Singaporean women. These male white collared professionals constantly bump into unsuitable or undesirable women, mainly because these busy career executives do not have the luxury of time and effort to do their due diligence into these multiple different women, some of whom will be suitable, and most of whom would be downright undesirable to them before going on dates with them. That is why most of them use help of a dating agency instead.

Secondly, Singapore generally already has a fast paced and busy working environment across all industries. That is especially so for white collared professional executives in Singapore. Therefore, these Singaporean guys tend to prefer solutions like dating and matchmaking agencies to help them set up dates with suitable women. They simply do not have the time and energy to sift through these women, because they already barely have any time to sleep!

Third of all, many of them in their mid to late thirties are either looking to never get married, or looking to get married immediately or as soon as possible. For the second group of them, they may find it difficult to get local girls to respond to them favourably if they tried approaching them in the traditional sense. This is because of a larger than normal age gap, especially if they tried going for women who are in their twenties. In a normal dating situation, these girls may think that he is either married, attached or simply way too old for them, and thus not even bother replying him whether he tried contacting them in real life or through mobile dating applications. There sometimes is also a little taboo issue if the age gap is too big in Singapore. As a result, these male executives turn to professional dating agencies and matchmaking agencies for help instead.