Why Businessmen Hire Female Escorts While In Singapore

There are many reasons why businessmen hire female escorts while in Singapore. Here are some of the main reasons why.

First of all, it will be to elevate one’s status at a social event. Whether it is for a big event, or for a small gathering with some business friends, it definitely helps to elevate one’s status and potentially close big deals with a beautiful girl by your side! This is because most of such meetings are attended by high powered male executives, and what powerful men other than money? Beautiful girls!

Even Richard Gere in Pretty Woman hired an escort to accompany him to a business meeting! It is also known as a business persuasion method which works by disarming the other party with something unexpected.

Next of all, for the girlfriend experience which is getting popular in Singapore. Which man does not want the companionship of a beautiful Singaporean girl? One of the biggest draws of Singapore for American, European and Australian businessmen is that Singapore is a predominantly English speaking country. In fact, everything in Singapore is written in English. The girls in Singapore are also often highly educated, and are usually undergraduates or university graduates. This makes conversing with the local Singaporean female escorts a pleasant experience for businessmen, compared to that of escort girls from certain neighbouring South East Asian countries.

To sum up, the girlfriend experience is basically the experiences that a real girlfriend will give you. Businessmen hire local female escorts in Singapore for some companionship in the evening or at night after their work in Singapore is done. Just to destress themselves before leaving for another country for business! Here are some further tips for first time clients in Singapore to help you find a genuine SG escort.